English-Spanish Translation


Our Terms of Service

Lingua: Spanish Translation Services is committed to offering its clients quality translations of non-legal documents in English for a reasonable price.

Translations are available in three different varieties of Spanish-  European, Latin American and River Plate (Argentina & Uruguay).

1. Quality

You can hire the services of a professional linguist who is a native speaker of the target language.

2. No intermediaries

You are dealing directly with the translator. Translation agencies charge for their administrative work and quality control programs. Lingua helps you save those extra expenses.

3. Translation Cost

The rates charged for translations are agreed on at the beginning of a specified project. Lingua requires partial payment upfront (30%) and the remaining upon delivery of the final product.

For the sake of transparency and budgeting, our fees are charged per source word- the most reliable and predictable methodology to ensure fair and accurate pricing.Estimated standard price = US$ 0,09 per word.

Translation pricing (price per word) will depend on the level of complexity of each document as well as its format.

The minimum charged for the translation of a document is US$ 30.

4. Rush Rates

A translation project that needs to be delivered in a shorter time frame may carry up to a 50% charge above our regular rates.

5. Work procedure

a – The client e-mails Lingua the file to be translated from English into Spanish after contacting us through our website.
b – Lingua confirms the total cost and delivery time within the next 24 hours.
c – The client accepts the terms (price and delivery time).

6. Free Sample

If you want an example of the quality of our work, we offer a free demo translation (*)
(*) Not more than 200 words

7- Payment option

Due to local legal restrictions we are at present unable to offer the use of PayPal. Payment has to be sent via Western Union.